2024.04.15 00:02 EDT / 04:02 UTC
Screenshot from music video of Aquamarine by Danger Mouse and Black Thought featuring Michael Kiwanuka

I’ve had Aquamarine by Danger Mouse and Black Thought (featuring a beautiful chorus by Michael Kiwanuka) on repeat for days. I’m stuck on the track, and I’m stuck on the music video, both of which I find very moving.

[Chorus: Michael Kiwanuka]

Everything’s burning down
When I close my eyes and pretend
Enemies all around
I don’t understand, my friend, my friend

[Black Thought]

Twilight is a message for me to write as a confession
The matrix, a dominatrix seeking to be served
Ever patiently waiting with the demons we deserve
Better be willing to pay with every dream that you deferred
If the vehicle should swerve, learn to lean into the curve

All of Cheat Codes is honestly… it’s very good.

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