From the desk of Sherif Soliman

2022.11.20 19:41 CET / 18:41 UTC

I told myself I would post many dispatches with many photos during my travels, but I’ve lost my posting streak and let being behind block me from picking it up again. Why do I always find a way to take this more seriously than I should?

2022.11.14 22:59 CET / 21:59 UTC


I don’t know which is stronger: my love for the old Prague trams or my annoyance at having failed to take a single good photograph of one despite many, many attempts. These things haul ass.

2022.11.13 23:59 GMT / 23:59 UTC

A few shots from London, UK.

2022.11.10 16:35 GMT / 16:35 UTC

Oxford, UK.

2022.11.09 10:03 GMT / 10:03 UTC

I felt a strong sense of possessiveness seeing ancient Egyptian sculptures at The British Museum. Something like “my ancestors built this therefore it’s mine.”

Truth is I’m grateful some of these treasures are safe from the neglect and abuse today’s Egypt would show them.

2022.11.09 09:39 GMT / 09:39 UTC

I’m not certain that consensus has ever truly happened.

(Missed yesterday due to travel so I’m hitting two prompts with one post.)


2022.11.08 08:00 GMT / 08:00 UTC

For those of you who would like to set their watches to the local time in London, the time is…

Mad respect for the airlines that still think of us mechanical watch wearers.

2022.11.07 12:37 PST / 20:37 UTC

Here we go :)

2022.11.07 10:16 PST / 18:16 UTC

What gives you better insight into a person—or what they’re trying to signal—than their water bottle.


2022.11.06 15:22 PST / 23:22 UTC

It worries me a bit to see discussions about DM functionality on Micro.blog. One of the things I appreciate about the site is the visibility newcomers have into conversations being had by more tenured members, and if those conversations become hidden, newcomers face a bigger gap.

2022.11.06 15:05 PST / 23:05 UTC

Echo after glitchy echo.


2022.11.05 13:56 PDT / 20:56 UTC

Here’s a dumb thing. Conscription is compulsory for all Egyptian males. But if you don’t have any brothers, you’re exempt. Just one of the many ways women are valued much less than men in the Middle East.


2022.11.04 18:09 PDT / 01:09 UTC

Currently reading: Blood, Sweat, and Pixels: The Triumphant, Turbulent Stories Behind How Video Games Are Made by Jason Schreier 📚

I’ve been trying to brute force my way through a lot of dry nonfiction recently. This one is refreshing.

2022.11.04 13:51 PDT / 20:51 UTC

Analogy prompt

admiration : envy :: __ : frustration?