From the desk of Sherif Soliman

2023.12.08 17:50 PST / 01:50 UTC

It’s hard to get rid of the desire to be good at writing before having done a lot of it.

2023.10.17 19:16 PDT / 02:16 UTC

📝 Art Class

I’m an Arab who grew up in the Middle East. It’s my duty to write this.

Forewarning: blunt re-telling of personal history, discussions of politics, propaganda, anti-Semitism, strongly relevant to current events.

2023.10.06 12:08 PDT / 19:08 UTC

Happy Bandcamp Friday to those who celebrate. ♥️

And you better celebrate while we still can 🖤

2023.10.04 19:03 PDT / 02:03 UTC
Photo of shelves, CDs, and CD player

Do you collect or listen to CDs?

Are you an unrepentant Last.fm user?

Have I got the blog post (and Python library) for you.

scrobble 0.1

2023.09.30 23:02 PDT / 06:02 UTC

📝 The Kindle Should be Better

1600 words on how you can and should do better than the Kindle in 2023. Honorable mentions: Kobo, Calibre, and KOReader

I wrote this because I care.

2023.09.29 01:23 PDT / 08:23 UTC

In the majority of cases, the following holds:

The more notes I make, the angrier the book is making me.

2023.09.06 16:30 PDT / 23:30 UTC
Truncated art by Keith Haring on display at The Broad.

For a few months now I haven’t been able to finish a book to save my life.

Pictured: (unrelated) truncated art by Keith Haring on display at The Broad.

2023.09.05 21:52 PDT / 04:52 UTC
Small plants in the window.


A mini forest laboratory.

Today’s September 2023 Photoblogging Challenge by Oskar, aka @ovr.

2023.09.04 20:41 PDT / 03:41 UTC
Photo of Solid State Watch with orange dot sticker.


Today’s September 2023 Photoblogging Challenge by Emma, aka @ekcragg.

2023.09.04 20:37 PDT / 03:37 UTC
Photo of my 333fab all-road frame on a trainer.


My 333fab frame. The most precious thing I own. RIP Max Kullaway.

Today’s (yesterday’s…) September 2023 Photoblogging Challenge by Odd, aka @odd.

2023.09.02 11:50 PDT / 18:50 UTC
Buildup — photo blogging challenge


Today’s September 2023 Photoblogging Challenge by Chris/@V_

2023.09.01 23:15 PDT / 06:15 UTC
 Photo of abstract art

Kind of abstract.

2023.08.04 02:34 PDT / 09:34 UTC
TFRs (Temporary Flight Restrictions) in Seattle's airspace for Seafair week(end).

A smattering of TFRs in Seattle’s airspace this week.

The FAA’s way of saying “hey bozo, don’t get cute with your dinky lil Cessna around the maneuvering F-18 Hornets. You know what, not even around the parked F-18 Hornets.”

“Correction: Super Hornets.”

2023.07.27 09:33 PDT / 16:33 UTC
Graffiti on wall that reads 'stay ugly, choose filth' with a heart.

Vibin with this one today.