From the desk of Sherif Soliman

2023.09.06 16:30 PDT / 23:30 UTC
Truncated art by Keith Haring on display at The Broad.

For a few months now I haven’t been able to finish a book to save my life.

Pictured: (unrelated) truncated art by Keith Haring on display at The Broad.

2023.09.05 21:52 PDT / 04:52 UTC
Small plants in the window.


A mini forest laboratory.

Today’s September 2023 Photoblogging Challenge by Oskar, aka @ovr.

2023.09.04 20:41 PDT / 03:41 UTC
Photo of Solid State Watch with orange dot sticker.


Today’s September 2023 Photoblogging Challenge by Emma, aka @ekcragg.

2023.09.04 20:37 PDT / 03:37 UTC
Photo of my 333fab all-road frame on a trainer.


My 333fab frame. The most precious thing I own. RIP Max Kullaway.

Today’s (yesterday’s…) September 2023 Photoblogging Challenge by Odd, aka @odd.

2023.09.02 11:50 PDT / 18:50 UTC
Buildup — photo blogging challenge


Today’s September 2023 Photoblogging Challenge by Chris/@V_

2023.09.01 23:15 PDT / 06:15 UTC
 Photo of abstract art

Kind of abstract.

2023.08.04 02:34 PDT / 09:34 UTC
TFRs (Temporary Flight Restrictions) in Seattle's airspace for Seafair week(end).

A smattering of TFRs in Seattle’s airspace this week.

The FAA’s way of saying “hey bozo, don’t get cute with your dinky lil Cessna around the maneuvering F-18 Hornets. You know what, not even around the parked F-18 Hornets.”

“Correction: Super Hornets.”

2023.07.27 09:33 PDT / 16:33 UTC
Graffiti on wall that reads 'stay ugly, choose filth' with a heart.

Vibin with this one today.

2023.07.20 19:54 PDT / 02:54 UTC

Book forewords are almost never good enough for the book that follows. The one notable exception I can think of is Steve Almond’s foreword for Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed.

2023.07.14 12:04 PDT / 19:04 UTC

Smart actors. Good for them.

2023.07.07 20:20 PDT / 03:20 UTC
A person riding a One Wheel in the bike lane in Capitol Hill, Seattle.

It’s far from being technically good as a photo, but there’s something so light and fun about this shot and I like it a lot.

2023.07.04 12:41 PDT / 19:41 UTC

I feel like a blinked and lost six months.

2023.06.07 23:34 PDT / 06:34 UTC

If you have or are thinking of getting the Fujifilm X100V, you might’ve missed some big news.

Fujifilm just released the new XApp along with v3.0 of the camera firmware, and image transfer actually works now! This solves my biggest X100V complaint, and makes using it for travel/street even better.

2023.06.07 10:39 PDT / 17:39 UTC

Initial observations from initial days with iPadOS Developer Beta:

  • Surprisingly stable. No crashes yet.
  • Universal Control still works.
  • Lock screen widgets are great. You can have so many.
  • Health app is already working and syncing with iOS.
  • Slightly faster battery drain esp when sleeping.